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Faux & Real Wood Trusses

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UNSURE WHERE TO START?Shop Our Samples To Find The Perfect Finish For Your Project

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Whatever type of wooden truss you have in mind - gable truss, ceiling truss, exposed truss, etc. - Barron Designs has a solution for you. Combine arched beams with straight beams to expand your options even more. The only limitation is your imagination. Because our wooden trusses are made of a lightweight material, they’re easier to lift, install and mount. Adding light fixtures is a snap because the centers are hollow and easy to drill through. Contractors love using our wooden trusses because it enables them to create endless possibilities and achieve their clients’ dreams without a bank-breaking budget. Benefits of wooden trusses include an elegant, expensive look without the cost, a lightweight and easy installation process and maintenance-free design! You can easily add electrical fixtures and ductwork through the beams and our numerous designs textures and colors will ship right to your front door!
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